Ahat Jami Mosque in Donetsk - Ukraine


Ahat Jami Mosque, (Ukrainian: Мечеть Ахать Джамі) is a congregational mosque located in Donetsk, Ukraine. The mosque was named in honor of local mafia boss Akhat Bragin and one of its minarets is named after Rinat Akhmetov. It is the first mosque to be built in Donets basin since the fall of the Soviet Union.

In 1993 in the Donetsk Muslim community established Star of the Prophet. One year later the foundation was laid for the region's first mosque - Ibn Fadlan. The plans for the project were taken from one of Istanbul’s mosques.

The main sponsor for the building was Akhat Bragin. After his death on October 15, 1995 the mosque was named in his honor. Initially the project called for the construction of one minaret but financing from Rinat Akhmetov made it possible to build two. The second was named in honor of him. On the first floor of the mosque is located Ukrainian Islamic University -the first Muslim institution of higher education in Ukraine.

The official opening of the Ahat Cami mosque and Ukrainian Islamic University was held on September 3, 1999.;


address:Ахать-Джами мечеть , mosque donetsk
Marshala Zhukova avenue, 1
Donetsk Oblast

map for Ахать-Джами мечеть , mosque donetsk

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