Al Muhdhar Masjid in Tarim - Yemen


Tarim’s famous al-Muhdar masjid is crowned by a 46-meter-high mud minaret (150 ft), the highest in Yemen. The minaret was designed by the local poets Abu Bakr bin Shihab and Alawi Al Mash’hūr. Completed in 1914, the al-Muhdar mosque is named in honor of Omar Al-Muhdar, a Muslim leader who lived in the city during the 15th century.;


Address: Almihdhar Mosque
Tarim, Yemen

Map for Almihdhar Mosque

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  1. Abdul-Rahim says:

    ماأحلى مساجد تريم وروحانيتها ربي يكتب لنا زيارة الغناء تريم قريباً يا رب ا


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