Al Mustafa Islamic Cultural Centre - Ireland


Al-Mustafa Islamic Cultural Centre - Ireland

Al-Mustafa Islamic Cultural Centre Ireland, which started its activities as Clonee Mosque based in the village of Clonee, is the mainstream and leading Islamic Centre in Dublin 15. It was established in January 2004 as Clonee Mosque, to cater as a place of worship for the Muslim community in Clonee (Dublin 15). Due to the high number of attendees during the Friday prayers there were parking issues and as a result Clonee Mosque moved to an industrial unit in Damastown in 2007.

Clonee Mosque was renamed to Al-Mustafa Islamic Cultural Centre Ireland in 2008 and was inaugurated by the late former Minister of Justice Mr. Brian Lenihan in January 2008. Al-Mustafa ICC is represented in the Irish Council of Imams by its Founder and Imam Shaykh Umar Al-Qadri.

Al-Mustafa ICC has about 500 members.;


address:Al-Mustafa Islamic Cultural Centre
Blanchardstown Delivery Service Unit
Porters Rd, Coolmine Industrial Estate, Dublin, Ireland

Map for Al-Mustafa Islamic Cultural Centre

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