Altun alem Mosque in Novi Pazar - Serbia


Altun-alem Mosque in Novi Pazar - Serbia
The best known mosque in Novi Pazar, the Altun-alem Mosque, meaning “with the golden gemstone”, was built in the first half of the 16th century by architect Abdul Gani, better known as Mujezin Hadža al Medini. It is set within a fenced compound which includes a mektep (school) and (nišani) gravestones with inscriptions.

The mosque has a single space in the interior, with a dome and twin-trave portico with domes. This type of mosque is not usual in Serbia and analagous structures from the 16th century can be found in Istanbul and Amasya. The main part of the mosque was built from roughly shaped and broken stones with rows of bricks. The domes and arches are of thin brick.;


Address:Altun Alem
Novi Pazar

Map for Altun Alem

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