Amin Mosque in Turfan - China


Amin mosque - China

Two kilometers east of the Silk Road town of Turfan stands the Amin Mosque with its monumental minaret, the tallest in China. The mosque was built in 1779 during the Qing Dynasty in memory of the Uygur King Amin Khoja (also known as Imin Khoja, Emin Hejo, or Emin Hedro) by his son King Suleiman. The mosque was alternately known as the Su Gong Ta Mosque, or the Mosque of the Su Minaret with reference to Prince Su. His father, King Amin, who died in 1777, had collaborated with Emperors Yongzheng (1723-1736) and Qianlong (1736-1796) to unify Xinjiang and annexed it to the Chinese between 1756-1759 putting an end to local rebellions. The large fortified mosque, raised on a platform, stands alone outside the city, devoid of any auxiliary buildings. It combines the local Xinjiang hypostyle prayer hall (built of mud brick, with brick patterning and arched niches) with influences from Persia and Central Asia, seen mainly in the domineering pishtaq, or tall projecting portal, and the minare;


address: Emin Minaret
Turpan, Xinjiang, China

Map for Emin Minaret

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