Anniversary Mosque in Kazan - Russia


The Thousandth Anniversary of Islam Mosque or The Anniversary Mosque (Russian: Мечеть 1000-летия принятия Ислама, Мечеть Юбилейная, Mechet 1000-letiya prinyatiya Islama, Mechet Yubileynaya) was built in Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia to commemorate the thousandth anniversary of the Islamization of the Volga Bulgars in 922. The alternative name of the mosque, and the most commonly used name, is The Mosque Across the Qaban (Russian: Закабанная мечеть, Zakabannaya mechet; Tatar Cyrillic and Latin respectively: Кабан арты мәчете or Qaban artı mäçete), because most of Kazan's mosques are situated on the other side of the Qaban, where the Tatar community was traditionally located before the October Revolution. The part where the mosque was situated was inhabited predominantly by the Russian community. History.

Based on a design by Pechnikov from 1914, the mosque was built from 1924 to 1926 with private donations by Muslims. It was the only mosque built in the region during the Soviet period. It was closed in the 1930s as part of the Soviet Unions persecution of Muslims and was only reopened and used by Muslims in 1991.;


address:The Thousandth Anniversary of Islam Mosque
ul. Khadi Taktasha, 26
Tatarstan, Russia 420107

map for Thousandth Anniversary of Islam Mosque

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