Ar Rahma Mosque in Kiev - Ukraine


Ar-Rahma Mosque, (Ukrainian: Мечеть Ар-Рахма), translated Mercy Mosque, is a mosque in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. It was built between the years 1996 and 2000 in the Tatarka neighborhood of the city.

The first attempts to build a mosque in Kiev were made as early as 1897. Muslims of that time were able to open a house of worship in Kiev on 5 Peace Street – in the house of Kalinovich in Podil. The next attempt to build a mosque was made only in 1991. The big event for Muslims of Ukraine in Kiev was the erection of the first mosque. Good care of it really has taken the Clerical Board of Ukraine’s Muslims (DUMA). Ordinance on the allocation of the DUMA’s land for construction and maintenance of the memorial chapel building was made of the Kiev state administration on February 5, 1996.

Construction of the mosque took place in stages, with money donated by Muslims of the city. After the completion of the first part of construction of the mosque in 1998 there on Fridays, holidays and events held prayers. In 2000, a crescent moon was installed on the dome of the new mosque and from that day the temple opened its doors to parishioners.;


Address: Мечеть Ар-Рахма
Lukianivska St, 46 Kyiv city, Ukraine ‎

Map for Мечеть Ар-Рахма, Lukianivska

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