Auwal Mosque in Cape Town - South Africa


Auwal Mosque in Cape Town - South Africa
The Auwal Mosque is the first and oldest mosque built in South Africa. This is evident according to very strong oral tradition which also confirms that Imam Abdullah Kadi Abdus Salaam also known as Tuan Guru, who was the first Imam at this Mosque. The Auwal mosque came into existence in 1798 during the first British occupation of the Cape of Good Hope and was the main religious instituting during the years 1804 until 1850. This mosque is also the first to have practiced most of the Cape Muslim traditions.
The Auwal mosque was a Shafee mosque and was in conformance with the doctrines of Muslims of Indonesian origin. Hence the teachings of Shafee were taught so that up to this day more than 90% of Muslims in the Bo-Kaap are Shafee.
The Auwal Mosque which is situated in Dorp Street has ever since its inception been a symbol of the struggle of Cape Muslims for the recognition of Islam and their freedom to worship;


address:Owal Mosque
24 Dorp Street
Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town
8000, South Africa

map for owal Mosque

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