Aylmer Mosque in Quebec - Canada


Mosque of Aylmer is established in a two story building located in 21 Park Street, Aylmer, Quebec, J9H 4J6.

The Muslim Community in Aylmer is one of the fastest growing communities in the capital region. It has grown from a handful of families in the late nineties to more than 300 Muslim families in 2010. The setup of a Mosque in Aylmer has become a necessity. Starting with a Mussalla (temporary prayer house) in the early 2000s, then a small Mosque in 2007, the Mosque of Aylmer finally moved, in 2010, to a location large enough to accomodate the mosque's activities. Today, the Mosque of Aylmer serves religious needs of Muslims in Aylmer including five daily prayers, Friday prayers (Jumaa), Halaqhas, and other religious activities.;


Address:Mosque of Aylmer / La Mosquée d'Aylmer
21 Rue Park, Aylmer, QC J9H 4J6, Canada

Map for The Mosque of Aylmer / La Mosquée d'Aylmer

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