Bacha Shah Jame Mosque in Chittagong - Bangladesh


Bacha Shah Jame Masjid (Bengali: বাচা শাহ জামে মসজিদ ) is a historic mosque located in Rangunia Upazila, Chittagong in Bangladesh, established in 1833. It was the first institute for Prayer and Education in Mathiura, Bacha Shah Nagar, Rangunia Upazila, Chittagong, Bangladesh, and was the only symbol of Mughal architecture in this area. The mosque was rebuilt in 1983 and that time it lost the Mughal Architecture. This mosque is the oldest evidence of Sultan Uddin Bacha Shah's family connection in greater Rangunia, Chittagong, Bangladesh.;


address:Bacha Shah Jame Masjid
Bacha Babar Majar Road
Mahattarkill, Bangladesh

map for Bacha Shah Jame Masjid

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