Bader Al Mailam Mosque in Kuwait


Bader Al Mailam Mosque in Kuwait
No one can simply miss out the majestic and resplendent red structure along the first ring road as one cruises the Sheraton roundabout in Kuwait City. In the midst of the busy streets of Kuwait City, the red structure that will definitely captivate any passerby is what many refer to as the “Red Mosque” or the Bader Al-Mailam Mosque. The unique colourful architecture of the Bader Al-Mailam Mosque has not only become a scenic spot in the heart of the city but also a serene place of worship providing a respite amidst the hustle and bustle of city life as business towers and hotels are its backdrop. The Bader Al-Mailam mosque took three years to construct from 2009 to 2011 with its exquisite gothic designs drawing its influences from classic and traditional styles.

Its vicinity provides ample parking spaces, spacious wash rooms and open foyer that can accommodate a huge number of believers who come for prayers on Fridays and weekdays. Minarets stand tall outside the mosque and verses from the Holy Quran are well engraved on ceramic portraits. Serenity welcomes any believer to the spacious hall. The walls are well-adorned with prayer passages from the Holy Book of Quran. The Mihrab bears gold hue with a single furniture for the Imam. A pulpit is also placed on the left side of the Imam of the Mosque Dr Rifai Saadi Qiblah wall. Right above, situates a classic dome and its ceiling is lighted up with Persian designed chandeliers. The side areas of the main prayer hall are also equipped with chairs for those who prefer to sit and read the Holy Book. In respect to the sanctity of the place, one must enter barefoot and for believers, they are required to wash their feet, hands, face and head known as “Ablution” prior to joining the prayers.;


Address:Bader Al-Mailam Masjid in Kuwait city
Salhiya, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Map for Bader Al-Mailam Masjid

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