Bayrakli Mosque in Belgrade - Serbia


The Bajrakli Mosque (Serbian: Бајракли џамија / Bajrakli džamija; named in Turkish as Bayrakli, bayrak is Turkish for “flag” and Bayrakli means “with flag”) is a mosque in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It is located in Gospodar Jevremova Street in the neighbourhood of Dorćol. It was built around 1575, and is the only mosque in the city out of the 273 that had existed during the time of the Ottoman Empire’s rule of Serbia. During the occupation of Serbia by the Austrians (between 1717 and 1739), it was converted into a Roman Catholic church; but after the Ottomans retook Belgrade, it was returned to its original function.

It was damaged after being set on fire on 18 March 2004, during that year’s unrest in Kosovo, in violent protest to the burning of Serbian churches in Kosovo, but it was later repaired.;


Address: Bajrakli Mosque
11 Gospodar Jevremova,
Beograd 11000, Serbia

Map for Bajrakli Mosque

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