Bosmont Mosque in Randburg - South Africa


It was a proud moment for the Muslim community of Bosmont on that 8th day of April 1966. The event was no small accomplishment if one considers that the Bosmont Mosque Islamic Centre was formed only two years earlier, during a period of great uncertainty as a result of the disruption of established communities.

It was during the sixties that people of colour were forced to move from areas such as Albertville, Vrededorp(Fietas) and other areas in and around the inner-city to be settled in the new designated areas Bosmont and Eldorado Park. The Muslim community who settled in Bosmont pooled their resources and with additional aid from the late Achmed Mia purchased the site on which today stands the Masjid and Madrassah buildings.;


address:Bosmont Mosque
67 Langeberg Ave
South Africa

map for Bosmont Mosque

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