Carol I Mosque in Constanta - Romania


Carol I Mosque, located in Ovid Square area, is the main religious muslim edifice and one of the most beautiful architectural monuments of our land. The building started in 1910 at the initiative of King Carol I (which is why the building is named so) and was completed in 1913. The inauguration took place on 31st of May in the presence of the royal family and muslim representatives of Romania. The project was conducted by Victor Stefanescu, one of the senior architects of the early twentieth century, and the building was raised by Gogu Constantinescu Sharing a beautiful and unique mixture of Egyptian, Byzantine and Romanian architecture. A distinctive feature of the building is huge dome made of innovative materials listed above. Although many specific Muslim places of worship, is an architectural dome by Christian inspiration, more exactly, Byzantine.

After the inclusion of Constantinople to the Ottoman authorities in 1453, many Muslim religious buildings within the Empire had the prototype of great cathedrals and Christian churches, especially the Saint Sophia cathedral in Istanbul, converted into a mosque by the Ottomans. Another element that draws attention is a 47 meters high minaret that dominates the area, which can be observed even from the sea. Inside the tower, 140 steps guide visitors in a seemingly endless spiral to the terrace on top of the minaret, a great location from which you can admire the city panorama. Both on the top of the minaret, and the dome stands proudly the crescent moon symbol of Muslim world.;


Address: Marea Moschee din Constanţa
Constanța, Romania

Map for Marea Moschee din Constanţa

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