Central Mahallu Jamaath in Kerala - India


Central Mahallu Jamaath in Kerala - India

Central Mahallu Jama’ath (CMJ) is a Juma Masjid in Kerala, India. The masjid is located in the center of Kavumkara. The CMJ aims at purging poverty, diseases and assists poor and helpless people. The CMJ's goals are eradicating unemployment, instituting educational reforms, and leading Islamic society in the path of glory. The CMJ mainly focuses on social and welfare activities.

Central Mahallu Jama'ath dates to the early 1900s. In 1927, the land for the Juma Masjid was purchased. It was established on 19 February 1927 (27 Sha'aban 1346), the date of the first Jumu'ah Namaz held there.;


Address:Address: Central Mahallu Jama'ath(CMJ)
Market P.O, Muvattupuzha River, Kerala 686673, INDIA

Map for Central Mahallu Jama'ath(CMJ)

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