Central Mosque in Moscow - Russia


Moscow Cathedral Mosque (Russian: Московская соборная мечеть, Moskovskaya sobornaya mechet) is the main mosque of Moscow, Russia. It is located on Olimpiysky Avenue, close to the Olympic indoor stadium in the centre of the city.

The Moscow Cathedral Mosque was built back in 1904. Since 2011 the building has undergone complete reconstruction. The size of the complex has been increased 20 times and is now more than 19,000 square meters which enables it to hold at least 10,000 worshipers. The six-story temple has seven elevators. The main dome has a height of 46 meters and is 27 meters in diameter.

Russian President Vladimir Putin attended the ceremonial opening of the Moscow Cathedral Mosuqe on Wednesday, September 23, 2015. The mosque was demolished and rebuilt to be one of the biggest mosuqes in the country with room for 10,000 worshipers. ;


address:Cathedral Mosque in Moscow, Московская Соборная Мечеть
пер. Выползов, 7, Строение 2

map for Cathedral Mosque Mosque

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