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Jama Masjid (also, Jami Masjid; meaning “public mosque”) in Champaner, Gujarat state, western India, is part of the Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is among the 114 monuments there which are listed by the Baroda Heritage Trust. It is located about 150 feet (46 m) east of the city walls (Jahdnpandh), near the east gate.

The mosque dates to 1513; construction was carried out over 125 years. It is one of the most notable monuments built by Sultan Mahmud Begada. The Mughal architecture is said to have drawn from the architecture of the Sultanates, which is a blend of Hindu religious connotations and workmanship with Muslim ethos; the large domes are indicative of such a mix. Of the two minarets, one was damaged by an intentional gun firing in 1812 by Patankar, a Scindia Governor considered a “tyrant.” Restoration works were carried out in the 1890s.

The historical monuments at Champaner consist of a series of fortifications, some of which originate on the hill top and end on the plains. The fortification is consisted of massive sandstones with intermediate bastions with beautiful balconies. Out of the massive ruins, five mosques are still in good condition. The most important among them is the Jama Masjid which is located 50 east of the royal enclosure. The structures represent a perfect blend of Hindu-Moslem architecture, mainly in the Great Mosque (Jami Masjid), which was a model for later mosque architecture in India. This special style comes from the significant period of regional sultanates.;


address:Jami Masjid
Gujarat State Highway 150
Champaner, Gujarat 389360

map for jami masjid gujrat

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