Cholon Jamial Mosque in Ho Chi Minh - Vietnam


Al Mosque in Ho Chi Minh - Vietnam: Cholon Mosque was built in 1932, initially to serve Muslims from Southern India who migrated to the area, and is one of four mosques serving Muslims in central Saigon. The simple lines and color scheme of the building makes a striking contrast from the elaborate pagodas on the same street. Visiting the mosque might be best timed around lunch or dinner, as a tasty halal restaurant is located on the grounds. While a small proportion of the population, Vietnam’s Muslims are among the oldest inhabitants of the county and a visit to their culture should be part of any trip to Vietnam.;


Address:Thánh đường Hồi Giáo Chợ Lớn
Nguyễn Trãi
phường 11, Hồ Chí Minh

Map for Thánh đường Hồi Giáo Chợ Lớn

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