Cut Mutiah Mosque in Jakarta - Indonesia


Cut Mutiah Mosque (Indonesian Masjid Cut Mutiah also Masjid Cut Meutia) is a mosque in Jakarta, Indonesia. The mosque is named after an Indonesian national heroine Cut Nyak Meutia who took part in the struggle against Dutch colonialism in Aceh. The mosque was originally a Dutch property before it was finally transformed into a mosque.

The building was initiated in 1922 as N.V. (Naamloze vennootschap) Bouwploeg, a Dutch property developer/architecture firm of Pieter Adriaan Jacobus Moojen (1879–1955). The firm planned and developed the nearby residential area of Gondangdia. Afterwards the building was used as the department for drinking water.

During the coming period, the building was used for different functions such as post office and train company office. From 1959 until 1960 the building was used as a mayor office of Central Jakarta. Later the building was used as a drinking water department (Perusahaan Air Minum), Department of Residentials of Jakarta(Kantor Dinas Urusan Perumahan Jakarta), and People Assembly (MPRS). From 1964-1970, the building was used as the Office of Home and Religion (1964–1970).

After Ali Sadikin’s term as Governor of Jakarta, the building was converted into a provincial mosque on 18 August 1987 under the law SK gubernur no. 5184/1987;


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