Defterdar Mosque in Istanbul - Turkey


Defterdar Mosque, or in long form the Defterdar Mahmut Efendi Mosque (Turkish: Defterdar Camii, Defterdar Mahmut Efendi Camii), is a historical mosque located in Eyüp, Istanbul, Turkey. It was commissioned by Defterdar Nazlı Mahmut Efendi (c. 1500-1546) and built by architect Mimar Sinan in 1542 (“defterdar” was the head of the financial department in Ottoman Empire). Instead of a crescent, this mosque has “ink pot and pen” on top of its dome, representing the profession of the founder of the mosque. (since “defterdar” means chamberlain, literally it means defter:notebook + dar:suffix for “doer”). The original one was destroyed in 1997 during a storm. Ten years later, on 30 May 2007, a new one was put on top of the dome of the mosque.;


Address: Defterdar Mosque
Nişancı Mh., 34050 İstanbul, Turkey ‎

Map for Defterdar Mosque

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