Dolmabahce Mosque in Istanbul - Turkey


Dolmabahce Mosque is located in the south of Dolmabahce Palace,in Besiktas, on the European coast of Bosphorus. It was originally commissioned by the mother of Sultan Abdulmecid, Bezm-i Alem Valide Sultan, but on her death it was continued by Sultan Abdulmecid. The mosque was completed in 1855; its architect is Garabet Balyan,who is also the architect of Dolmabahce Palace and Dolmabahce Clock Tower.

Dolmabahce Mosque is one of the ornamented mosques constructed in Baroque style in Istanbul. Since the mosque is adjacent to the palace, a two storey Sultan maksoorah was constructed on the front part where the Sultan and statesmen can perform their prayers and where public processions and meetings could be accommodated. Circular window design which is rarely seen in our mosque architecture gives the building a different look with its peacock-tail design.

Dolmabahce Mosque has two minarets with a single balcony. The interior has a decoration having a mixture of baroque and ampere styles. From the dome hangs a precious chandelier. Mihrab and mimbar is made of red porphyry.;


address: Dolmabahçe Mosque
Ömer Avni Mh., 34427 Beyoğlu/İstanbul, Turkey

map for Dolmabahçe Mosque

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