Gothenburg Mosque in Sweden


Gothenburg Mosque is a mosque located at the foot of Ramberget on Hisingen in Gothenburg, Sweden. The mosque is funded by Saudi Arabia and run by the Swedish Muslim Foundation (SMS). It was inaugurated 16 June 2011.

The mosque cost 67 million Swedish krona to build and is 2000 square meters. The construction of the mosque has been met with demonstrations addressing the critique of that the funding comes from a dictatorship. The Saudi finance minister Dr. Abu Rachman al Seid said on the inauguration that "we do this out of kindness - and because we can afford it".

The building is designed by Björn Sahlqvist, who wanted to design a mosque with a Scandinavian touch with a lot of light and space. There is a silent square minaret and prayer rooms for men and women, conference rooms, offices, lecture halls, kitchen and an ablution area.;


Address: Göteborgs Moské
Myntgatan 4
417 02 Göteborg, Sverige

Map for Göteborgs Moské

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