Grand Mosque in Catania - Italy


Grand Mosque in Catania - Italy;


Address:moschea di Catania
20 Via Cali Catania 95100 Sicily ,
Catania, Italy

Map for moschea di Catania

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  1. مساء الخير اريد التواصل مع مسوءلي المسجد

  2. admin says:

    please find some Islamic books in Italian:

  3. rose says:

    alslam 3likom please I need help by providing me with Islamic books to preach Italian family to Islam. thank you

  4. rose says:

    السلام عليكم أحتاج مساعده لدعوه عائله ايطاليه للإسلام وتزويدهم بكتب عن الإسلام ارجو الرد

  5. Fatima says:

    Salam pls give me a number to this mosque as soon as possible. It is very urgent


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