Grande Mosquee de Paris - France


The Grande Mosquée de Paris (“Great Mosque of Paris”), located in the 5th arrondissement, is the largest mosque in France and the second largest in Europe. It was founded after World War I as a sign of France’s gratefulness to the Muslim tirailleurs from the colonies who had fought against Germany. The Mosque was built following the mudéjar style, and its minaret is 33 meteres high. President Gaston Doumergue inaugurated it on July 15, 1926. Ahmad al-Alawi (1869–1934), an Algerian Sufi, founder of the modern Sufi order Darqawiyya Alawiyya, a branch of the Shadhiliyya, led the first communal prayer to inaugurate the newly built mosque in the presence of the French president. It is currently led by mufti Dalil Boubakeur.;


Address: Grande Mosquée de Paris
2bis Place du Puits de l’Ermite,
75005 Paris, France

Map for Grande Mosquée de Paris

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