Great Mosque of Hohhot Inner Mongolia - China


Great Mosque (qīng zhēn dà sì 清真大寺), located in the older southwestern part of Hohhot, was built during the reign of Emperor Kangxi (kāng xī 康熙) of the Qing Dynasty (qīng cháo 清朝) (1644-1911 AD) after throngs of the Hui (huí 回) Muslim Minority migrated from Xinjiang (xīn jiāng 新疆) to Mongolia.

The architecture is a beautiful mix between Chinese pagoda style roof with arabic style windows. The viewing the crescent moon & star minaret is a beauty, slender and solemn. All built in black brick, the most grandeur building is Grand Prayer Hall, behind which are located both the Teaching Hall and the Muslim Baths.

All the buildings are carved with Muslim characters, and the most famous are the over 30 volumes of ancient Koran scriptures, all written in Arabic. With permission, you are allowed to climb the 15 meters tall hexagonal minaret and have a good view of the city.

Some small lanes around the mosque constitute the local Muslim area. ;


Address: Mosque East Great Temple
Huimin, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia,

Map for Mosque East Great Temple

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