Great Mosque of Saint-louis - Senegal


Great Masjid of Saint-louis - Senegal;


Address: Grand Mosque senegal
St Louis, Senegal ‎

map for Great Masjid of Saint-louis

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  1. Asalam alaikum wa rahmatullah! Greetings from your brothers and sisters in South Sudan, the war ravaged country with maginalised Muslims living in silent living hardships. I am writing to inform you that I have been invited to attend a conference in St. Louis by the last week of May. I would like to take this opportunity of the visit for the conference, to have chats with some personalities within the Muslim line regarding issues affecting Muslims in this part of the country and how we can come up with acollaboratuive way of trying to make better use to their good. I shall therefore appreciate if you could e-mail me the contact address of the nearest mosque there (in St. Louis) so that I relate myself to it when and even before I travel. Thank you. May Allah, subhana wa taalla make us understand each other in the right path, ishallah. Your brother Talib dafalla, Programme Coordinator, Mubadiroon Organization


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