Harbin Mosque - China


It locates at No.54 the 13th Street of Southern Part Dao Wai District and belongs to First Class Preserved Building. Originally built in 1897 and rebuilt in 1904, it was a brick-wooden structure Islam church. Proposed and donated by many Islam believers in 1935, the church was rebuilt and became an Arabian style auditorium which covered an area of 426 square meters. It was regarded as an architectural excellent work of Arabian churches. The full moon building and the top of each dome were equipped with the decoration of curved moon in the need of religious service. After having been repaired and maintained by Harbin Municipal Government, the mosque takes an new look.;


Address: Harbin Mosque
Tai’an St, Daowai, Harbin,
Heilongjiang, China

Map for harbin mosque

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  1. Tourist says:

    I visited last year. This mosque is no longer as it was in these pictures. It became ugly. CCP are destroying the beauty in all mosques in China.


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