Hoja Zayniddin Mosque in Bukhara - Uzbekistan


Hoja Zayniddin Mosque in Bukhara - Uzbekistan
In the northwest of the city of Bukhara is located the quarter of Khoja Zayniddin. At its core lies the mosque of Khoja Zayniddin, a monument of art historical importance. The interior of the 16th-century Hoja Zayniddin Mosque – really good example of Islamic architecture. It has some of the best very old, original mosaic and ghanch work you’re going to see anywhere. Combines the technique of monumental architecture and local tradition, the design is one of the best in Uzbekistan‘ structures of the fifteenth century.;


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  1. Jonne says:

    Dear all, thanks for the photos, but they show different mosques in Bukhara, only one photo is Hoja Zayniddin, if I see correctly.


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