Hukuru Miskiy mosque in Male - Maldives


Malé Hukuru Miskiy (Dhivehi: މާލެ ހުކުރު މިސްކިތް) or Malé Friday Mosque is an ancient decorated mosque located in the city of Malé, Kaafu Atoll, Maldives. The mosque was originally constructed in 1658 AD under the reign of Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar I over two years time, and was constructed mostly out of coral stone. The building is surrounded by a 17th-century cemetery, whose coral stone headstones are intricately and uniquely carved. The site also includes a coral stone minaret.
Hukuru Miskiy (Friday Mosque) has a perimeter of 199 ft. The main building which is still used for conducting the daily prayers is divided into three sections:

Mihuraabuge: The room or section used by the Imam in leading the prayers.
Medhu Miskiy: The middle Mosque.
Fahu Miskiy: The back Mosque.

The interior of the mosque has many valuable samples of traditional Maldivian art in the form of woodcarving and lacquerwork in panels and ceilings. This site was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List in the Cultural category.;


Address: Hukuru Miskiy
Medhuziyaarai Magu, Malé, Maldives ‎

Map for Hukuru Miskiy

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