Hussein Pasa Mosque in Pljevlja - Montenegro


Hussein Pasa Mosque in Pljevlja - Montenegro

Husein-paša's Mosque (Bosnian: Husein-pašina džamija) is a well-known mosque in Pljevlja, Montenegro. It was built between 1573 and 1594. It was named by Husein-paša Boljanić from the Boljanići village, which was close to Pljevlja. It has the highest minaret in the Balkans.It is regarded as "one of the most beautiful sacral monuments of Islamic architecture in Montenegro.

The mosque was made of finely cut stone with rich interior ornaments, while the walls have been painted with floral details and quotes from Kuran.

Among the books and manuscripts in the mosque there is a manuscript of Kuran, which was written in Arabic letters, and decorated with miniatures with gilding. It is considered that it probably dates from XVIII century. Minaret on the south side after the thunder hit it in 1911 is overbuilt in a more thinner and taller, and today it is one of the tallest minarets on Blakans.;


Address:Husein Pasa Mosque
Vuka Kneževića

Map for Husein Pasa Mosque

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