Isak Celebi Mosque in Bitola - Macedonia


Isak (Ishak) Celebi Mosque in Bitola
The Ishak Çelebi Mosque (Macedonian: Исак џамија, Isak džamija) is the largest mosque in Bitola, Macedonia. It is situated along the north bank of the Dragor River. This area was known as Bit-Pazar in the quarter of Emir Bey or Eyne Bey, also known as Ishak Çelebi mahalle

Popularly known as Ishakkiye, this mosque was named after its founder, Judge Ishak Çelebi, son of Isa Fakıh and was built in 1506.;


address:Исак Џамија
Bulevar 1-vi Maj b.b.
Битола 7000

map for Исак Џамија

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