Islamic Center of El Paso - United States


Islamic Center of El Paso, established in 1982, is the main source of religious and social stimuli for area Muslims. With an estimated 3000 Muslims in the El Paso region, the Islamic Center of El Paso has seen a steady increase in its members over the past several years. Coupled with the pleasant weather conditions, area schools (UTEP & Texas Tech) and a city that has shown its tolerance & understanding to the different religions of the world, the Islamic Center of El Paso expects its membership to continue with its rapid growth throughout the future. With this in mind, the completion of an 11 year construction project is just in time. The Islamic Center of El Paso calls its new 16,000 square foot facility, located on nearly 5 acres in West El Paso home. This after more than 20 years of worship in a converted house in Downtown El Paso's Historic Rio Grande District. This move will open the door to a new stage for area Muslims; as well as our El Paso neighbors, as ICEP plans to have several programs throughout the year to educate the community on Islam and Muslims.;


address: Islamic Center Of El Paso
143 Paragon Ln, El Paso, TX ‎

Map for Islamic Center Of El Paso

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