Islamic Solidarity Mosque in Mogadishu - Somalia


Mosque of Islamic Solidarity (Somali: Masjidka Isbaheysiga, Arabic: جامع التضامن الإسلامى‎) is a mosque located in Mogadishu, Somalia. The Mosque of Islamic Solidarity was constructed in 1987 with financial support from the Saudi Fahd bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud Foundation. It is the main mosque in Somalia’s capital city, and an iconic building in Somali society. For 16 years following the outbreak of the Somali Civil War, the mosque had been closed down. However, in 2006, with the rise to power of the Islamic Courts Union, it was reopened once again.;


Address: Masaajidka Isbahaysigga
Dagmada Xamar Weyne,
Mogadishu, Somalia ‎

Map for Masaajidka Isbahaysigga

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  1. Waryaa says:

    Please update the pictures of the masjid to its current status. The last pictures you are using is from 2006, when it was re-opened and still had the scars of the civil war affects. You can get the current images of the masjid from Google Images. Thank you.


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