Jama Masjid in Mumbai - India


Jama Masjid ("Friday Mosque") in South Mumbai near Crawford Market, is the largest and oldest mosque in the city. It is said that the Jama Masjid was firstly situated somewhere near to the Crawford market. In 1770, the mosque was destroyed by Governor William Hornby.

The Masjid is a quadrangular building of brick and stone encircled by a ring of terraced roofed and double storied buildings. The main eastern gate leads to an ancient tank filled with about 10 feet of water. From the depths of the tank rise 16 black stone arches which support the whole of the mosque.

The Structure of the present Jama Masjid statred in 1775 ans the building was all standing in year 1802. The masjid lies on the quadrangular piles made up of brick and stone, this is a double storied building. The gate on the eastern side lands near the ancient tank of water.;


Address:Jama Mosque
#46 janjikar Street, Crawford Market,
Mumbai - Maharashtra

Map for Jama Masjid mumbai

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