Jame Mosque in Yokohama - Japan


Islamic centre in Yokohama - Japan
The only mosque in the city of Yokohama. Established since December 2006, Ja’me Masjid has been offering a place for Muslims in the vicinity to make daily prayers. In addition, the mosque provides children’s educational classes, women’s programs and hosts seasonal events. It is complete with gender-segregated entrances and rooms, and equipped with a kitchen. There are two parking spots designated for the mosque during the day, but the parking lot in the neighboring factory is available in the evening and some holidays, accommodating approximately 15 cars. The mosque is generally open during the day, but do give them advance notice if possible, especially if you are visiting in a large group.;


address:神奈川県 横浜市都筑区早淵1-31-13

1-31-13, Hayabuchi,
Tsuzuki-ku Yokohama-shi,

map for Yokohama mosque

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