Jami Mosque in Toronto - Canada


Jami Mosque in Toronto - Canada

Located just east of High Park in Toronto, Jami Mosque (مسجد جامع) is the oldest Canadian Islamic centre in the city and dubbed "the mother of all the mosques in Toronto". Built in 1910 as a Presbyterian church, the building was purchased in 1969 by Toronto's small, predominantly Balkan, Muslim community and converted into the city's first worship centre.

In November 1977, Ahmed Khadr and Maha el-Samnah were married at the mosque.

While Jami originally held a large number of Tablighi Jamaat followers, the numbers declined after a large influx of Gujarati Muslims immigration led to the leasing of a hall in eastern Toronto; and the eventual 1981 purchase of a building converted to Madina Mosque, which became the spiritual hub of Tablighi Jamaat. Jami then drifted towards finding leadership in the Muslim Students Association.;


Address: jami masji toronto
56 Boustead Ave
Toronto, ON M6R 1Y9

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  1. In August 8th. 1976, I got married in the mosque. It was first marriage conducted by Sheikh Hisham Budran from Egypt, also he was imam at the mosque. He introduced how working Muslim can ask their employers to take some time off and come for Juma prayers. It was parking nightmare, lot of parking tickets, but later it was resolved by talking to the authorities.


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