Juma Jami Mosque in Yevpatoria - Ukraine


Juma-Jami Mosque, (Ukrainian: Мечеть Джума-Джамі, Crimean Tatar: Cuma Cami, Russian: Мечеть Джума-Джами) also known as the Friday Mosque, is located in Yevpatoria, Ukraine. Built between 1552 and 1564, and designed by the famous Turkish architect Mimar Sinan.

The Juma-Jami is the largest and most magnificent mosque of Crimea and was founded by Khan Devlet I Giray in 1552. The Khan commissioned Istanbul architect Mimar Sinan (1489–1588) to build the mosque. Sinan was a famous Turkish architect and engineer of the Ottoman period. He designed the Sinan Pasha Mosque and the Şehzade Mosque in Istanbul. Construction of the Juma-Jami Mosque was a long process. At the time, Mimar Sinan was busy with construction of the Süleymaniye Mosque, in Istanbul. Which was also plagued by financial difficulties due to money being spent on the war with Ivan the Terrible.;


Address: mechet’ Dzhuma-Dzhami
Revolyutsii St, 36, Yevpatoriya, Crimea,
Ukraine, 97400 ‎

Map for mechet’ Dzhuma-Dzhami

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