Juma Mosque in Baku - Azerbaijan


Juma Mosque (Azerbaijani: Cümə məscidi) - is a mosque in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Friday Mosque is located in historical part of the city – in Icheri Sheher. The mosque was repeatedly reconstructed during its existence period. A new Friday Mosque was constructed in the place of old mosque in means of Baku merchant Haji Shikhlali Dadashov, in 1899. It was constructed in place of old Friday Mosque and it is considered that it was appeared in that place, where a temple of zoroastrians located. A minaret, constructed in 1437, adjoins Friday Mosque.;


Address: Mosque Juma
Nizami Gəncəvi, E002, Nakhchivan AZ7000,
Azerbaijan ‎

Map for Mosque Juma

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