Juma Mosque in Durban - South Africa


Juma Mosque in Durban - South Africa

Juma Masjid Mosque (Juma Masjid, Arabic:جمعة مسجد , meaning Mosque of The Congregation) is a mosque located in Durban, Kwazulu-Natal in the South Africa.

In August 1881, a site was bought by Aboobaker Amod Jhaveri and Hajee Mohamed in Grey Street from K. Munsamy for 115 pounds for the construction of a mosque. A tiny brick and mortar structure which stood on the site was converted into the mosque. Later the adjacent land was bought to expand the mosque. Historic Juma Masjid Mosque in Grey Street, Durban. Photograph courtesy of the Local History Museum. The Juma Masjid was the first mosque to be built in Durban, and the oldest and largest in the Southern Hemisphere. It has a unique design and is geometric in shape. In 1884 it was expanded to accommodate 200 prayer mats and presently can accommodate about 6000 worshippers. Every Friday Grey Street (now known as Dr. Yusuf Dadoo Street) in Durban is abuzz with over thousands of Muslims going to the mosque to pray. Also known as the Grey Street Mosque, it represents a spiritual center for Durban's Muslims. It was built 1880s and completed 1930s, and together with Madressa Arcade which runs through it, replaced the original series of buildings that had popped up with the arrival of non-indentured Indians in Durban in the late 1800s. The mosque is actually a series of interlinking buildings, arcades and corridors, in which commerce, religion and community exist in equilibrium.;


Address:Durban mosque
corner Denis Hurley (old Grey) Street and Dr. Yusuf Dadoo (old Queen) Street,
Durban,South Africa

Map for Durban mosque in South Africa

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