Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai - United Arab Emirates


The Jumeirah Mosque is a dominant landmark of Dubai city. Built in the medieval Fatimid tradition, this stone structure is a tribute to modern Islamic architecture. While strolling through the Mosque at sunset, you will be washed in shadows by this elegant formation.
The Jumeirah Mosque is built in the medieval Fatimid tradition combined with modern building materials. Considered to be one of the most attractive mosques in Dubai, the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding organizes visits to the Jumeirah Mosque for non-Muslims, aimed at promoting cultural understanding and first-hand experience as an insight to the Islamic religion.;


Address: Jumeirah Mosque
Jumeirah Beach Road,
Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Map for Jumeirah Mosque

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  1. abrar ahmed says:

    wonderful,excellent mosque i don,t have more words for admiration.


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