Kaaba in old days


rare old pictures of Kaaba;


Kaaba - Meccah

map for masjid al haram

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  1. All Glory only to Allah..... These pictures show how strong were the earlier people.

  2. All positive words in the universe can be used here in describing the beauty of those photos and the emaan of old generations. Whatever you may say, in convincing ALLAH, today's facilities make it difficult. When the infrastructure of Mecca was not complete for pilgrims that Kaabah was more beautiful, still going back, more gloryful. I love ALLAH, I love Islam, I love Quran, I love Muhammad, I love Kaaba, I love Makkah, I love my parents. My love ends here. Thank you.

  3. so nice old pics of holy Kaaba hope i see it very soon

  4. bilal says:

    i have not seen before i like them very much and thankful to the person who uploaded them


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