Khalifa Al Tajer Mosque in Dubai - United Arab Emirates


Khalifa Al Tajer Mosque in Dubai - UAE
Dubai's Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation (AMAF) opened the first environmentally friendly mosque in the entire Islamic world to worshippers. Khalifa Al Tajer Mosque, in Bur Saeed Street, Deira, Dubai, has the capacity for some 3,500 worshippers.

Located on 105,000 square feet of land, the new green mosque was designed with energy efficiency in mind and was built with environmentally friendly materials.

The building which covers 45,000 square feet uses green building materials, thermal-insulation systems for lowering energy consumption and air conditioners that emit reduced greenhouse gases.;


address:Khalifa Al Tajer Mosque
Near Deira City Centre
Deira, Dubai
United Arab Emirates

map for Khalifa Al Tajer Mosque

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