King Fahad Mosque in Banjul - Gambia


King Fahad Masjid is one of the most prominent masaajid in Banjul, the capital city of Gambia. The two minarets of the masjid grace the skyline of the city and the architecture of the masjid represents the variation in the Islamic architecture in Banjul.

The modern architecture of the masjid has given the traditional style a new meaning. The entrance is hemmed by an open round arch and the minarets are octagonal. The bright colors of the masaajid offer a pleasant feel. The masjid was built in 1988 and replaced the 1930 masjid as the main masjid of the city. It can easily accommodate up to 6,000 worshippers.;


Address: King Fahad Mosque

Banjul, Gambia

Map for King Fahad Mosque

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