Kokkoz Jami Mosque in Sokolyne - Ukraine


Kokkoz Jami Mosque, also known as Yusupov's Mosque, is located in the village of Sokolyne, Ukraine. In Crimean Tatar: Kokkoz means “Falcon”. The mosque was built by Prince Felix Yusupov in 1910.

The mosque is located in close proximity to the hunting lodge of Prince Felix Yusupov. More than a century ago, the construction of mosques in Crimea was distributed by Christians, for example, Prince Vorontsov built the mosque in Alupka. Rectangular building of Yusupov’s mosque in Kokkoz has a basilican type. The walls are decorated with inscriptions in Arabic and two circles of Lancet Windows. The roof is clay tile, a minaret stands next to the main building.

To date, the mosque has remained in very good condition and was recently renovated.;


Address: Tahtali Cami
7, Rozy Lyuksemburh St, Bakhchysarai,
Crimea, Ukrain

Map for Tahtali Cami

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