Krue Se Mosque in Pattani - Thailand


Krue Se Mosque or Krue Sae Mosque (Malay: Masjid Kerisek, Thai: มัสยิดกรือเซะ, RTGS: Matsayit Krue Se), is located in Pattani Province, Thailand. It was begun in about 1583, but was never completed because of a power struggle between the sultan of Pattani and his brother. The present structure is on the same site and dates to the 18th century CE. It features a mixture of Middle Eastern and European architectural styles.

On 28 April 2004, during Thaksin Shinawatra’s premiership and in a period of insurgency by Islamic nationalists in the southernmost provinces, 32 suspected guerrillas took shelter in the mosque. After a 7 hour stand-off with Thai military personnel, soldiers attacked and killed all 32. The attack was made in contradiction of orders from the Minister of Defence to end the confrontation peacefully, and has been the subject of an international inquiry, which concluded the military used excessive force.;


บ้านกรือเซะ ตำบลตันหยงลุโละ

map for โรงเรียนชุมชนบ้านกรือเซะ

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