Lala Tulpan mosque in Ufa - Russia


Lala Tulpan (“Tulip in Bloom”) in Ufa is one of Russia’s largest mosques. Its 53-metre-tall twin minarets are the third tallest in the country after the Akhmad Kadyrov Mosque in Grozny and the Qolsharif Mosque in Kazan.The building can hold up to 1000 worshippers It was built between 1990 and 1998 to a modernist design by Wakil Davlyatshin. In 2001 Vladimir Putin held a meeting with Talgat Tadzhuddin and other Muslim clerics at the mosque.;


Address: Lala Tulpan
ulitsa Komarova, 5, Ufa,
Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia ‎

Map for Lala Tulpan

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