Lead Mosque in Shkoder - Albania


Lead Mosque (Albanian: Xhamia e Plumbit) is a historical mosque in Shkodër, northwestern Albania. It is located on a small lake and is not functional.

Lead Mosque was built in 1773 by the Albanian pasha Mehmed Bushati of the noble Bushati family, who was vizier of Pashalik of Scutari at the time. Through this act, he intended to give his city of birth, the feeling of the capital.

Mehmed Bushati was personally involved with the construction and stones were incised under his patronage. Almost every day, he stepped down from his residence, the Rozafa Castle, to follow the progress of the works.

The first Imam of the mosque was Haxhi Ahmet Misria, who was of Egyptian origin. He came to Albania after the contacts he had with Mehmed Bushati. After him, other Imams served and also took care of the mosque.;


address: Xhamia e Plumbit
Rruga e Tabakëve 1, Shkodër,

Map for Xhamia e Plumbit

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