Lhasa Mosque in Tibet - China


Lhasa Mosque is also called Hebalin Mosque. It is a gathering hub of Hui ethnic group in Tibet. The constructions mainly assumed the Tibetan Nationality tradition style with circular arch and steeple and the fence is built with engraved square shape rock. The inner of the palace used Islamic style decoration of flowers and plants. The key color is blue. The building is simple and succinct and has obvious.

Though the main body of the architecture follows traditional Tibetan style, the arches, minarets, gates and bounding walls are accumulated by ashlars, you will also see the distinct Islamic intersperse, this mosque is a perfect combination of exotic religious and local architectural art.;


Address: Tibet Lhasa Mosque (Northeast Gate)
Dongzisu Rd, Chengguan, Lhasa,
Xizang (Tibet), China

Map for Tibet Lhasa Mosque (Northeast Gate)

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