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Malmö Mosque (Swedish: Malmö Moské) is one of Sweden’s main mosques located on the outskirts of Malmö in southern Sweden. It was inaugurated in 1984 as the third mosque in Scandinavia. Adjacent to the mosque is the Islamic center which contains an Islamic school and library. It serves as a place of worship for some 75,000 Muslims (11% of the entire population) living in the area.

There have been three arson attacks on the mosque. On September 18, 2005 and on October 21, 2005 the fires were put out quickly and only minor damage was done, but on April 28, 2003 attack the mosque was more severely damaged and other buildings at the Islamic center were totally destroyed.

Malmö is one of the main centers for Swedish Muslims.;


Address:Västra Skrävlinge kyrkoväg
1, 212 37 Malmö, Sweden

Map for Malmo mosque

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