Marree Mosque in Marree - Australia


Marree Mosque was built in Marree, South Australia around 1882 (some sources indicate as early as 1861), by member of the Australian “Afghan” community. These “Afghans” (generally Muslims from then-British India) worked as cameldrivers and breeders in the region.

The mosque was constructed by camel breeder Abdul Kadir (Australia), owner of Wangamanna Station. Another camelleer, Mullah Assim Khan, became imam of the Marree mosque in the early 20th century. The town eventually had two mosques, the northern of which was abandoned around 1910. Another report indicates a mosque was deliberately demolished in 1956 by its elderly caretaker, Syed Goolamdeen, who could no longer maintain it, since many descendants of Afghans no longer practised Islam. As of 2003, the descendants of the Afghans in Marree have rebuilt the mosque.;


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  1. may alaah reword them JANAAH

  2. May The Creator of the Universe bless the souls of the pioneers of this humble mosque. May The Creator grant His blessings on those who are maintaining the remaining historic structure and May He guide us all on the right path & keep the Satan away. Amen.


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